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My complaint is against Surface Solutions & Design and its owner/operators, Peter M. *** and Lucie R. Elmer, for being deceptive about their product and the absolutely terrible floor installation at my residence. My wife and I came across Mr. *** at the Central Florida Home and Garden Show at the Orange County Convention Center in early April 2014. Mr. *** was peddling a cement floor staining product and the pictures and samples he displayed were gorgeous. I invited Mr. *** to my residence the following month where he advised that his cement coating product would bond to the cement under floor and match the look and color of the tile at the foyer. Mr. *** repeatedly stated that the finished product would be level with the tile I had at the foyer and in my kitchen. I paid for half the installation that day with half due upon completion.

Over a period of approximately 3 weeks Mr. ***, Ms. Elmer and their work crew ripped up the carpet and laid down the cement coating in our dining room, family room and front living room. I met with Mr. *** and Ms. Elmer on the day the installation was completed and immediately saw the finished product did not come close to matching the color or look of the tile. Even more troubling was that the concrete coating did not match the level of the tile which I pointed out right away. Mr. *** stated that there was no way for the concrete coating to be made level with the tile, directly contradicting what he had previously stated to me and my wife. Ms. Elmer made a point of explaining how the concrete coating could not be walked on for a couple days to allow time for the finish to cure, so I was unable to take a closer look at the floor. Ms. Elmer assured me that the colors would come out after it finished curing. Unfortunately I paid the remaining balance for the installation.

After the finishing cured, a closer look at the floor revealed several more defects. The floor was mostly light brown in color, but there were white areas ranging in size from small flecks to one about the size of a dollar bill where the color had not taken or was not applied. There was a small area by the entrance to the master bath that was pitted with small holes and the metal transition strips used between the concrete and carpeted areas were banged up as if someone had used a hammer on them. Later, after looking at pictures and video of the floor I saw there were other areas which also had pitting. For the most part, where the coating met with the tile, the tile edge was fully exposed, although there were a few areas the coating flowed up to the top edge of the tile. It looked like a half finished job and all visitors asked us what the final product would look like. I complained and Mr. *** and Ms. Elmer met with me at my residence.

Mr. *** and Ms. Elmer looked at my floor and explained to me that the areas with no color and the pitted area were part of the process and were known possible defects. No mention of this had been made to me or my wife previously. I pointed out the shoddy work along the edge of the tiles and again complained about how the floor was not level with the tile as we had been assured previously they would be by Mr. ***. They both stated that they could come out to apply another layer of coating that would fix all of these issues. Mr. *** now stated that the floor and tile would be made level after this next application. Ms. Elmer assured me that the colors would match the tile. Ms. Elmer acted as if the pitting and areas with no color had been discussed or disclosed previously and Mr. *** was contradicting himself yet again.

There was no way I could trust Mr. *** or Ms. Elmer to do anything else to my floor. They were now assuring me that what should have been done to begin with now would somehow be done correctly. I later discovered that the concrete coating had not even bonded to the cement floor as Mr. *** had stated it would, and it came up easily. I wasn’t sure if this was some type of scam, or if this was their first time doing this type of work, or if they were just highly incompetent. I declined their offer to commit further damage to my floor and asked for a refund, but they refused. Last month I filed a complaint with the BBB (case #90133945) and provided the contact information for Mr. *** and Ms. Elmer. In the weeks since I filed the complaint, neither one has responded in any way. Legal action would be my next step, but at least I’ve put out what transpired as a warning to anyone else thinking of doing business with this pair. Additionally, don’t assume that because a business has an exhibit at a large show it’s any good or not some kind of scam.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $3864.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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That is a pretty crappy installation. Why did they not use schluter on the tile?

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